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  • Rock Crystal, Extrait de Parfum 30ml

    Rock Crystal


    Since 2005

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Rock Crystal - 30ml - 30%
    Rock crystal symbolises the alliance between Man and a higher force; it is the sign of protection, of purification, and leads to transparency of the spirit, the soul and the body.  Frankincense, a resin venerated from the beginning of time as the "celestial perfume of serenity, is a symbol of purification, it raises the spirit to the divine.Rock crystal and Frankincense rise in communion towards the heavens. 
    Olfactory family: Woody, spicy
    Top notes: Orange, Pepper, Coriander, Cardamom, Cumin
    Middle notes: Frankincense (olibanum, benzoin and myrrh) and Cistus
    Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar and Vetiver, Everlasting Flowers, Oak Moss and Musk
    30ml Spray
    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 105.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Jade, Extrait de Parfum 30ml



    since 2008

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the symbolism and legend of Jade :Chinese Jade, precious symbol of immortality, symbol of love and virtue, whilst also being the symbol of absolute power.According to legend, the Taoist alchemists were able to use a secret procedure to transform Jade into a liquid. This served as renowned love potions and was used to make drinks promising immortality...

    Olfactory family: Aromatic Woody

    Top notes: Green tea, Star anise, Mint, Cardamom

    Middle notes: Iris, Jasmine, Chinese cinnamon

    Base notes Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss, Musk, Everlasting Flowers, Mathe

    30ml Spray

    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 105.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Pink Quartz, Extrait de Parfum 30ml 30%

    Pink Quartz


    since 2010

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the legend and symbolism of Pink Quartz :The fundamental stone of universal love and infinite compassion, compassion to oneself and others, pink quartz is linked to the chakra of the heart, open to imagination and inspiration, the source of inner peace, absolute calm and happiness.

    From the stone to the rose, the flower of love and healing rituals, the essence of qualities such as purity, spirituality and compassion.Rose, mineral and vegetable, the most powerful symbols in the metaphysical world at the crossroads of the emotions in our lives, at the dawn of a new era to be invented together.
    Olfactory family: Chypre SpicyTop notes: Bergamot, Pink grapefruit, Somalian olibanum, Saffron, GingerMiddle notes: Palmarosa, Damask rose, Indian rosewoodBase notes: Indian rose absolute, Ambergris, Patchouli, Benzoin, Myrrh, White musk30ml SprayMade in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 105.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Citrine, Extrait de Parfum 30ml


    since 2011
    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Citrine - 30ml - 30%
    A symbol of force, wisdom and peace, the colour of the sun, the light and the most precious metal in alchemy, gold, it radiates on us celestial light, joy and happiness.From inner flame to celestial light ...
    Olfactory family:  Amber, woody, spicy
    Top notes: Sicilian lemon, Wild orange, Elemi incense, Ginger, Pink pepper
    Middle notes: Carrot seeds, Mimosa, Rosewood, Lignum vitae
    Base notes: Musk, Myrrh, Ambergris, Beeswax
    30ml Spray
    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 105.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Home Fragrance Spray 100ml Turquoise x 2 - 50%


    Until the end of the Limited Edition : Home Fragrance Spray 100 ml Turquoise x 2 pieces

    Made in Grasse - France


    2 x 40€ = 80€ -50% = 40€

    Special Price: 45.00 € Regular Price: 90.00 €