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  • Jade, Extrait de Parfum 30ml



    since 2008

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the symbolism and legend of Jade :Chinese Jade, precious symbol of immortality, symbol of love and virtue, whilst also being the symbol of absolute power.According to legend, the Taoist alchemists were able to use a secret procedure to transform Jade into a liquid. This served as renowned love potions and was used to make drinks promising immortality...

    Olfactory family: Aromatic Woody

    Top notes: Green tea, Star anise, Mint, Cardamom

    Middle notes: Iris, Jasmine, Chinese cinnamon

    Base notes Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss, Musk, Everlasting Flowers, Mathe

    30ml Spray

    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Chrysolithe, Extrait de Parfum 30ml




    Chrysolithe is a mystical perfume which gets its name from Chrysolithe, from the Ancient Greek khrusolithos, meaning “gold stone”…

    For centuries, this mysterious stone, recognised universally, cited a number of times in the Holy Books, the Bible, the Torah and the Qur’an, the tenth of the precious stones which adorned Aaron’s breastplate, the seventh of the foundation stones of New Jerusalem…. Chrysolithe, a now obsolete term, denoted up until the 19th century a number of gems that sparkle gold, tinted with green, such as peridot, phrenite, olivine or topaz…

    Chrysolithe is the symbol of Self-control, of the Harmony of the Divine Masculine at the heart of the Divine Feminine, and of Divine Wisdom. 

    It symbolises pure and spiritual elevation removed from all earthly interference. 

    In the Arab world, the number 11 represents the number of steps one must take to understand God. 

    In China, it represents the Tao, “the Mother of Earth”, the Path through heaven, 6, and Earth, 5, alluding to exceptional intuition and inspiration.

    Inspired by this age-old philosophy and in line with tradition, Chrysolithe combines ancestral virtues and the mysterious aroma of hyssop, symbol of purity and humility, with the precious and majestic power of cedar, pungent fragrance and revitalising properties; infused with white sage, “desert sage”, with its purifying power, and mixed with black cumin, known as “the seed of blessing”. 

    Invoking all the virtues of strength and harmony, Chrysolithe gives out a pure and luminous vapour, marked by peace and wisdom.


    “If one wishes to become wise and to avoid extravagance, one must simply take the stone named Chrysolithe” reads the “Book of secrets by Albert the Great”, a renowned 8th century spell book.


    Top Notes: Hyssop, cumin, vervain, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger

    Head Notes: Sage essence, rosemary, jasmine 

    Bases Notes: Cedar wood, vetiver, sage Absolue, ambergris, musk

    30ml 30%

    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Prométhée, Extrait de Parfum 30ml



    Since 2014

    Following on from "Lapis Philosophorum", inspired by the legend of the Philosopher’s Stone, Olivier Durbano has delved deep into Greek mythology for this tenth fragrance, marking ten years of olfactory creation devoted to the world of stones and spirituality in which "Prométhée" is the guide...

    Prométhée, Prometheus in Ancient Greek, “He who thinks ahead, and tells the future” was a Titan who, with the help of Athena, is reputed to have created Man out of mud transformed into rocks, and also for stealing the “divine knowledge”, the sacred fire of Olympus, which he hid in a fennel stalk to give it to mankind.


    Zeus, the King of the Gods, was infuriated by his trick and condemned Prometheus to be chained to a rock on the peak of Mount Caucasus. The Caucasian eagle, the “winged dog of Zeus", came every day to feed upon Prometheus’s liver. The liver, symbolically associated with the rise of sap allowing the tree of life to grow, regenerated immediately during the night.


    Heracles, the son of Zeus, arrived in the Caucasus where Prometheus had been serving his sentence for a thousand years, the time for unity to be rediscovered, until an immortal came to take his place. He interceded with his father to release Prometheus in exchange for an immortal, the Centaur Chiron.

    Heracles then unleashed an arrow straight into the heart of the eagle and freed Prometheus. With his bronze chains and a rock from the Caucasus, Prometheus fashioned the first ring in the World, which he wore to remind him of his suffering.


    Prometheus, the symbol of Progress, with his intelligence and abilities as a soothsayer thought that if humanity was deprived of fire it would not be able to discover things, to study them and use the forces of nature, to establish order and harmony and communicate with the gods through thought, and with its intelligence embrace the visible world and even the principles which are the essence of everything in the world...


    The tenth creation, the number 10 echoes the figure 1, the beginning of renewal, meaning totality, completion, the return to unity.

    The Tarot Major Arcana 10 is the Wheel of Fortune, the Tarot heart which holds the secret of Destinies... Unlike the first nine swords, a logical continuation in a spiritual approach, this card no longer represents characters; it becomes one for all, all in one.


    Olfactory family: woody, aniseed, amber

    Head notes: fennel, pink pepper, nutmeg, myrtle, olibanum, cistus

    Heart notes: narcissus, Caucasian lily, lavender absolute, fenugreek, Russian sage, storax

    Base notes: cedarwood, vetiver, myrrh, labdanum, ambergris, musk

    30ml 30%

    Made in Grasse, France


    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Rock Crystal, Extrait de Parfum 30ml

    Rock Crystal


    Since 2005

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Rock Crystal - 30ml - 30%
    Rock crystal symbolises the alliance between Man and a higher force; it is the sign of protection, of purification, and leads to transparency of the spirit, the soul and the body.  Frankincense, a resin venerated from the beginning of time as the "celestial perfume of serenity, is a symbol of purification, it raises the spirit to the divine.Rock crystal and Frankincense rise in communion towards the heavens. 
    Olfactory family: Woody, spicy
    Top notes: Orange, Pepper, Coriander, Cardamom, Cumin
    Middle notes: Frankincense (olibanum, benzoin and myrrh) and Cistus
    Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar and Vetiver, Everlasting Flowers, Oak Moss and Musk
    30ml Spray
    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Amethyst, Extrait de Parfum 30ml



    since 2006

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Amethyst - 30ml - 30%

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the symbolism and legend of Amethyst :In Antiquity Amethyst was a talisman against drunkenness, a protection from poison and bad luck; a symbol of modesty, internal peace and temperance. Also associated with the purifying force of the spirit, the amethyst, in between alchemy and spirituality, became a powdery, mysterious and bewitching elixir...  Olfactory family: Woody, spicyTop notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Grape, RaspberryMiddle notes: Incense, Rosewood, Jasmine, IrisBase notes: Vegetable amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla30ml SprayMade in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Black Tourmaline, Extrait de Parfum 30ml



    since 2007

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Black Tourmaline30ml - 30%

    Olivier Durbano, Poems Stones Perfumes

    Extrait de parfum inspired by the legend and symbolism of Black Tourmaline :Black tourmaline, a superb protective stone in ancient legends, gives protection against harmful external influences. It is also the symbol of putting down roots in the ground and conscience awakened to the world...Around this stone are brought together the appearance of charcoal, evoking burnt wood, the magic of black gold concealed in the ground, the smell of a blown-out flame or earth set alight, a perfume-stone with a powerful, grounded character.…

    Olfactory family: Woody Spicy Smoky

    Top notes: Cardamom, Coriander, Cumin, Incense, Pepper

    Middle notes: Oud and Smoked wood, Leather, Noble woods

    Base notes: Musk, Amber, Moss, Patchouli

    30ml Spray

    Made in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Turquoise, Extrait de Parfum 30ml



    since 2009

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Turquoise - 30ml - 30%

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the symbolism and legend of Turquoise :A stone from Egypt, the colour of turquoise, copper blue and iron or chrome green, is the colour of immortality; between the immensity and power of the sky and the mysterious, aquatic world of the Nile... Al Kazwini, a Persian philosopher and astronomer, wrote "The hand wearing a turquoise and using it as a sealing stone will never be poor".

    Olfactory family: Marine Woody

    Top notes: Turpentine, Pink peppercorns, Elemi gum, Somali Olibanum Incense, Coriander, Juniper

    Middle notes: Fragrant reed, Lotus, Fucus seaweed, Lily

    Base notes: Everlasting flowers, Honey, Myrrh wood, Ambergris

    30ml Spray

    Made in Grasse, France


    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €
  • Pink Quartz, Extrait de Parfum 30ml 30%

    Pink Quartz


    since 2010

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the legend and symbolism of Pink Quartz :The fundamental stone of universal love and infinite compassion, compassion to oneself and others, pink quartz is linked to the chakra of the heart, open to imagination and inspiration, the source of inner peace, absolute calm and happiness.

    From the stone to the rose, the flower of love and healing rituals, the essence of qualities such as purity, spirituality and compassion.Rose, mineral and vegetable, the most powerful symbols in the metaphysical world at the crossroads of the emotions in our lives, at the dawn of a new era to be invented together.
    Olfactory family: Chypre SpicyTop notes: Bergamot, Pink grapefruit, Somalian olibanum, Saffron, GingerMiddle notes: Palmarosa, Damask rose, Indian rosewoodBase notes: Indian rose absolute, Ambergris, Patchouli, Benzoin, Myrrh, White musk30ml SprayMade in Grasse, France

    Special Price: 160.00 € Regular Price: 210.00 €